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Teaching activities

  • Validation & Verification 2017 - 2019

    Concepts and techniques on automatic software testing and verification directed to 2nd Level Master students at ISTIC, University of Rennes 1. Fuzzing, mutation testing, coverage, automatic test generation. Conferences and practical sessions.

  • Distributed Systems 2018 - 2019

    Introductory course about Distributed Systems for 1st Level Master students at MIAGE, University of Rennes 1. Practical sessions.

  • Introduction to Computer Vision 2009 - 2016

    Introductory course on the theory and practice of Computer Vision. Image registration, object detection, object tracking, OpenCV. Conference and practical sessions.

  • Compiler Construction 2007 - 2016

    Elements on Formal Language Theory and Compiler Constructions for 3rd year Computer Science students at the University of Havana. Conferences and practical sessions.

  • Object Oriented Programming 2007 - 2016

    Programming introductory and intermediate course to 1st year Computer Science students at the Universoty of Havana. Practical sessions

Presentations, Tutorials and other materials

  • 4ème Journée du Groupe Génie Logiciel Empirique, Paris 12 Apr 2017
    Descartes: A PIT extension for extreme mutation [Program] [Video]
  • Mutation Testing Workshop at Ericsson Stockholm 12 Apr 2019
    Finding the worst tested methods in a test suite [Abstract] [Slides]
  • ASE 2018 Tutorials, 03 Sep 2018
    Let the CI spot the holes in tested code with the Descartes tool [Program] [Notes] [Slides]

Related presentations

  • EclipseCon Europe 2017, Ludwigsburg, Germany 25 Oct 2017
    Mutate and test your tests Presented by: Benoit Baudry. [Abstract] [Video]
  • Open Source Summit Paris, Paris 07 Dec 2017
    Mutate and test your tests Presented by: Caroline Landry
  • Fosdem 2018, Brussels 04 Feb 2018
    Advanced testing in action on a Java project Presented by: Vincent Massol [Abstract] [Video]
  • Devoxx 2018, Paris 19 Apr 2018
    Nouvelle génération de tests pour projets Java Presented by: Vincent Massol [Abstract] [Video]
  • Les Cast Codeurs Podcast Episode 189 18 May 2018
    Presented by: Vincent Massol [Abstract] [Audio]
  • OW2con'18, Paris Châtillon 08 Jun 2018
    STAMP or Test Amplification to DevTestOps Service Presented by: Daniele Gagliardi [Abstract] [Video]
  • EclipseCon France 2018, Touluse 13 Jun 2018
    Presented by: Caroline Landry
  • BreizhJUG, Rennes 21 Jun 2018
    Mutation Testing in Java and Github Presented by: Benout Baudry [Abstract] [Video]
  • SophiaConf 2018, Sophia Antipolis 05 Jul 2018
    Test Amplification for DevOps Presented by: Pascal Urso [Video]
  • BreizhCamp 2019, Rennes 21 Mar 2019
    The CI as a partner for test improvement suggestions Presented by: Caroline Landry [Video]
  • Devoxx 2019, Paris 19 Apr 2019
    The CI as a partner for test improvement suggestions Presented by: Caroline Landry [Video]